Cotton String

"Cotton String"

Two middle-aged men decide to invest in a hippie’s electric classic-car invention.
“Rated R” for violent themes.


Marina Bruno / Ontario, Ottawa, Canada
Cannagory: Fresh Flavors
Get my ticket or pass!  Saturday, 11/12, 7-12, Pike’s Peak Pub, Swirl, Heroes Hollow

"Cotton String" at Cinebis 2016
“Cotton String” at Cinebis 2016
Director Biography

Marina Bruno was born on April 14, 1995. Mostly known for her short film work, including Short Circuit (2013), Civil War (2012), Chocolate Milkshake (2014) & Waste of a Fall (2014), Marina started her career at a young age. When she was 3, she made her first movie “Dinosaur” using her toys and a camcorder. In the fall of 2005, Marina played a supporting role in her father, Carlo Bruno’s 2-hour feature film In April (2014). "Cotton String" Production 1

The young filmmaker made her first official short film in the summer of 2011, some of which was filmed in Los Angeles, California. She founded her production company “Wondering Pictures” and in the next years wrote, directed, produced and edited several new works. She recently finished writing, directing and producing her first feature film “Cotton String”, which is now complete.