Fine Trees N Cuisine: Pizza with the Gods

FTNC (Fine Trees & Cuisine) is a new take on your not so traditional cooking show. We bring creatives together in a unique way by highlighting 3 key ingredients that unify most people today: music culture, food culture and the ever progressive cannabis culture.

The show has 4 main segments:

1. Intro conversation: getting to know the talent and introducing their skill (why they are featured on the show)

2. Kitchen convo: 1 on 1 interview touching on topics of; talent’s background, tastebuds, benefits of cannabis usage & personal preference

3. Culinary experience: Chef description of talent’s recommended cuisine, presentation of dish, tasting and feedback/reactionsFTNC Production 2

4. Artist Performance: A 1 take live performance is the icing on each episode / in line w/ late night shows such as Kimmel or Fallon. These performances are relative to the interviewee or provide transitions to the followup episode.


Loren Glass / Hanover, Maryland, America
Cannagory: Cottage Canna Crafters
Get my ticket or pass!  Saturday, 11/12, 7-12, Pike’s Peak Pub, Swirl, Heroes Hollow